Tools you will want to administer Apache

You can edit the Apache’s config files using several tools. One of the best free tools is ApacheGUI. It lets you quickly view and edit the config files that you will work with while administering Apache.

Note: You could also use BBEdit, which is a great text editor that I own and which can be bought at a discount from the App Store.

A few comments about the installation process might be helpful for Mac users. It is a relatively simple installation.

Things to do before you install ApacheGUI

You will want to download and install a Java development kit (JDK) before installing ApacheGUI. I installed Oracle’s current JDK and have had no problem running ApachGUI.

Download and install ApacheGUI

You can download the application as a compressed archive from the download page for You then expand it into a directory that you will navigate to when you want to run it.

The installation instructions for setting up ApacheGUI assume you know how to navigate in the Terminal and run the script that starts ApacheGUI. All you need to know are the “cd” command that lets you change the current directory, the “ls” command that lists the current directory’s contents, and the command to run ApacheGUI that looks like:


In the terminal this would look like the following:

The screen shot above shows an example of navigating to the file in the bin directory and running it.

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